Gotta Start Somewhere

Since my fairy tale wedding to the man of my dreams, I’ve experienced a new surge in my nesting instinct. With the abundance of home renovation tv shows, DIY blogs, and the explosion of Pinterest, there is no shortage of inspiration!

I’m a self proclaimed Jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none! So, I’m usually good to take on a new project and dive in to the investigation-and-research mode.

Here is the first furniture re-do I took on – early on. With no thought of ever sharing my progress with a.n.y.o.n.e (!) …I didn’t take many photos. But I want to testify that if I can do this stuff, you can too. Just start somewhere.

I sort of inherited this piece and wasn’t in love with it.

OK, so full disclosure, I was more than a little impatient with this project and had no idea what I was doing. I was working with limited time off and my list of tasks to accomplish was long. It had a slick surface and I just wanted the red GONE! I opted for spray painting this baby. I cleaned it up and removed all the hardware. With the doors off, I removed the glass so that I could get the back of those pane “dividers” painted. The glass is held in place with a rubber glass retainer like this, so it was super easy to remove and replace.

And so, this is what I used and many of you are saying, “NO WAY!” …but it worked for me on this piece.

And while I was breaking all the rules…I painted the inside of the back with some leftover ceiling paint I had on-hand in a pretty ‘haint’ blue. I may re-address that in the future…it’s not as bold as I’d like.

Initially, I was happy with the outcome, but after some time in use in our downstairs bath, I decided to add decorative contact paper for some protection and a little extra ‘pretty’ on the shelves. And I really should think about spraying the hinges to match the nickel knobs. Adding that to my ‘to-do’ list now.

OK, so here is my first, break-all-the-rules, anything-goes project. It was enough to get me primed to learn more and get on to reviving more stuff!

Not perfect, by any means. But it suits our downstairs bath. It was good -meaning safe- to try my hand on a piece that wouldn’t break anyone’s heart if it were ruined. 😉

Floors are a nightmare down there. That’s a future opportunity!