Little Changes • Big Impact

Sometimes you just have to work with what you have. These chairs are sturdy, with good bones… and there are SIX of them. It would take some cha-ching to replace them so I decided to revive them instead.

First, I went over every inch with TSP for a good cleaning.

I found a fantastic deal on Rust-oleum spray chalk paint and decided to use it on these babies.

It took about a can and a half per chair to get two good coats. I then used this Rust-oleum Matte Clear Enamel spray to lock it in.

The finish is super hard and there has been no chipping or dinging ••with daily use•• in the year since I finished this project. Yee-ha!

The next step was to re-cover the upholstery. I chose this duck cloth with a white background to give it a fresh pop. I love the little aqua accents within the navy print. This was under $6 per yard at Hobby Lobby…I purchased 5 yards to cover the 6 chairs plus 3 other chairs I’ll show you later.

Just 4 screws and the seat lifted off. Cut the fabric to fit and staple it in place. Duck cloth is a rather thick canvas, so I did not have to remove the previous fabric…the old fabric isn’t visible through the new.

This is my favorite stapler…and very affordable.

Lastly, these seats needed some stain protection, so I gave them a couple of good coats of Scotchgard.

I love the results! Have you done something like this? If not…why not? It’s easy and affordable and…what a difference!

You see my partner in crime there? Daisy is never far away! And see the old-fashioned dinette set in the background? That has also undergone a transformation…I’ll share that with you, as well! Have a great day and don’t be afraid to try something new~

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